If any of your business goals for the new year are on the list above, then a nettl mobile and tablet friendly website is the answer for you!

Here’s how a website can do these things for you…

Be found by more customers

I don’t know about you but when I am looking for a product or service the first thing that I do is search for it on Google (other search engines are available). In this new digital age, it’s easy to find what you are looking for and to contact the company that has it. Make sure that you can be found with a new nettl website.

Most people like to look at a company’s website to find some information and maybe contact the company before making the journey to them. Websites can also be good for existing customers as well as potential customers whether it’s easy product ordering, booking a service, uploading files or just to see your current special offers and news.

It has also been said that people can judge a company by how their website looks. So, if you haven’t got a website or have a website that has been going for a few years and you’d like a new refreshed and up to date one then contact us for a FREE consultation.

Sell more products/bookings

People nowadays like the ease of ordering products or booking services online. With people that have busy lives a quick browse and purchase on the internet whilst on their lunch break or when the children are in bed can make life a little less hectic. People also like the convenience of having products delivered to them or booking services quickly and easily at the most convenient time for them.

As mentioned above with a website you can reach more potential customers and with an e-commerce website you can sell more products/services to these potential customers.

If you use social media at present to sell your products then pointing them to a website where they can browse, order and pay easily thus giving them a good user experience may lead to many repeat customers! If you would like an e-commerce website you can find some information about it here https://www.nettlnorthdevon.com/websites/#nettlcommerce and contact us for a FREE consultation.

Let people know what you do and what you offer

As mentioned previously, many people like to look at a website to see what you do and what you can offer before making the journey to see you. With a website this can reach so many more people therefore creating more potential customers.

Getting the word out there about what you do is very important. People may drive past your shop/office or see your ad in the paper or on social media but they may not really know what you do or all of the services that you can offer. A website can make sure that this information can always be easily found and will give you somewhere to point potential customers to that will show them everything that they need to know and that they can see at a time of their convenience as a website is accessible 24/7.

For a website that showcases your products and services contact us for a FREE consultation.


Get 2020 off to a great start and reach your goals with a nettl website.