1. Promote

Before the event send out e-shots and social media posts to let everyone know that you will be at the event. Maybe within these posts offer a gift or discount to the first few people that attend. Once people are at your stand make sure that they do not leave without some information or contact details. This can be in the way of leaflets, business cards or if they are really interested in what you have to offer give them a brochure or catalogue to take away.
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2. Wow the attendees with an eye-catching stand

First impressions are everything! A stand that looks good will attract attention, we have many options to help you achieve this.
From stands, backdrops and pop-up banners to deck chairs, bean bags and booths we can help to give your stand a look that will turn heads.
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3. Create a buzz

Once you have people at your stand give them something to talk about. Create demonstrations or tastings of your product. Giving the potential customer an interactive sense of your product or service will give more of an impression and lasting memory than just handing them a product or telling them about a service.

4. Freebies!

Everyone loves a freebie and it’s a great way to give people a reminder of you. The best freebies are products or gifts with your branding on them, these then make sure that your company is on their mind. There are many budget friendly options out there to choose from.
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5. Passionate employees

Make sure that you have employees representing you that are passionate about the product or service that you are selling. People can be put off by pushy salespeople and equally put off by members of staff that are sat on their phones showing no interest in talking to them.
People like interaction with others so getting the right balance of communication is key.
Make sure that you have a clear objective from the day so that everyone is working toward the same goal.

6. Keeping contact

Once you have attracted people to your stand with pre-event promotion, eye-catching stands, product demos and fabulous freebies you’ll want to keep them at the stand and keep in contact with them in future. Some people will buy a product or service straight away, but others may not so getting their contact details is always a must. It may be that they didn’t need the product or service at that time but will do in the future, so making sure you include them in all future marketing campaigns is a way to keep your company fresh in there mind for when they do need something.
You could simply ask for their details, but most people are reluctant to give out details for no gain. In return for their details you can enter them into a competition where they could win free or discounted products or services. Competitions can also create a buzz, getting more people to stay at your stand and spread the word.

Exhibitions can be very successful events. Here at Nettl North Devon we can help with all your literature, promotional and display items to get you on the right path.